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3D Metabolism

The 3D Metabolism project is an ambitious open-source interactive tool that will be used to visualize the information contained in the metabolic network of a cell. I was involved in this project as a staff designer, lending several skill sets to this project involving: UI/UX design, 3D molecular visualization, and 3D animation development in Unity.

This project will be published on desktop and mobile platforms, and will eventually expand into a VR experience using Google Cardboard to allow for a more immersive experience. It will serve as a visual aid and educational tool for undergraduate students, researchers, and lay audiences. 

Client / 

Principle Investigator 

Dr. Lindsay Rogers 

Executive Producer

Saeed Dyanatkar


Role / 

Staff Designer, 

UI/UX/VR Design, 3D Animation, Unity


Agency / 

Emerging Media Lab


Year / 


3D Animation ● Preview
UI/UX Design ● Process

An in-depth UI/UX and XR Case Study coming soon. Please stay tuned. 

As a designer, I was responsible for 3D modelling the mock-ups of the cellular components and visualization of the 3D network. The stylesheet, component library, wireframes, and high fidelity mock-ups were developed in Figma. The design process began with primary literature research, extensive student interviews, and ideation of user personas that helped us understand the learning needs of the audience.


Following the research stage, I collaborated with the team to develop effective interactive functions that would support the learning goals of the metabolic network. I designed multiple prototypes for testing, which were built to be seamlessly passed off to the developers for implementation in Unity. 

The final product is an effective and aesthetically pleasing visualization, which will support learning engagement in both lay audiences and in research. 

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