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Bioprint Your
Own Organ

This mock editorial journal cover was produced for the Maya Modelling course in the Masters of Science Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto. The aim of this assignment was to create a mock editorial journal cover for a proposed research topic. 


For my choice of research topic, I decided to create a conceptual illustration that would promote the research and development happening in the field of bioprinting. To convey the concept in a simple and meaningful way, I sculpted a 3D printed heart and focused it through dramatic lighting.

Client / 

Dr.  Marc Dryer

Role / 

Student Project, 3D Modeler

Audience / 

General Audience

Year / 


3D Illustration ● Process
Concept Sketches

Ideation  began with three to four possible cover concepts followed by a review and critique session with other students. After feedback, I decided to have the cover concept focus on a high fidelity single, detailed 3D model of anatomically accurate heart. 


Final Render

Production began in Maya with the base sculpt for the heart. The simple 3D model was then transported into Zbrush, where the fine details were sculpted in. The high-fidelity model was then retransferred back into Maya, and lighted. The final render was rendered through the Arnold plugin in Maya. 

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