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How to Prototype

This project was an animation series developed for a course on introductory prototyping, taught by Dr.Patrick Pennefather, an instructor at the University of British Columbia. 

I designed the visual style of the animation, sketched the storyboards, and animated the three animation shorts. The designs had to be playful, and imaginative. 

The final animation series included three short films on how to prototype, how to document the design process, and how to prepare for client briefing, 

Client / 

Dr. Patrick Pennefather, Biomedical Visualization Program, Faculty of Medicine

Role / 

Designer, 2D Animator


Agency / 

UBC Studios


Year / 


How to Prototype

How to Prototype

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Animation ● Process

The pre-production process involved the development of the stylesheet, rough thumbnail sketches, and then look development. After style approval, I used Procreate to quickly sketch up some storyboards. After feedback and review with the client, I take the color sketches and create a higher fidelity

vector-based illustration. 

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