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Prof. Derek Ng




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Lighting Up The Genome

This project was produced for the Molecular Visualization course at the Biomedical Communications program. The aim was to create a two page editorial spread for a molecular visualization. 
I wanted to explore the functionalities of the dCas9 Complex and how it can act like a flashlight for the genome when paired with a Green Fluorescent Protein. 
Cas9 Crispr Spread.png


Thumbnails, thumbnails, thumbnails. By getting out as many ideas as possible in the beginning, I can move towards finding the best solution for the final product by exploring what does and doesn't work in order for the piece to effectively communicate the concept. 

From research to creation.

After studying the structures of the models from the Protein Data Bank, I began to play with ideas and layout using a mix of 2D and 3D composites. Finally satisfied with layout, I then exported the models from the Protein Data Bank using the molecular visualization tool, Chimera. The final renders of the model were created using the Arnold Render Engine in Cinema4D. 
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