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Own Your
Health Data

Own Your Health Data is a patient advocacy project imagined by the good folks at GoInvo. As the future of healthcare systems move towards electronic health records,  patients need patient data ownership rights to protect patient care. My participation in this project involved the co-authoring and illustration of a patient education comic for policy makers, and lay audiences.

We have been incredibly excited to have snippets of this comic published in a handful journals such as STAT+ and the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

You can read more about this project at:


Client / 


Role / 

Comic Illustrator, Co-author 

Co-authors / 

Juhan Sonin, Annie Lakey Beckett

Agency / 

Forest Atom Studio 
(Personal Freelance)


Year / 


Comic Illustration ● Process

I collaborated closely with researchers and policy experts to help formulate the script and develop the storyboards in an iterative process that involved research, feedback review, and revisions. 

Below are some samples of the storyboards from our iterative process. 


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