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Personalized Oncogenomics

Personalized Oncogenomics is a cancer treatment program at the BC Cancer Agency that aims to treat various forms of complex cancers through the art of personalized genome sequencing.  

This patient education and outreach animation project was a joint collaboration between researchers and patients at the BC Cancer Agency. 

As the primary animator on this project, it was fun and meaningful to be able to develop the illustration style and storyboards alongside the collaborative feedback from both researchers and patients.

Client / 

BC Cancer Agency

Role / 

Designer, 2D Animator


Agency / 

UBC Studios


Year / 


Animation ● Process

The pre-production process involves the development of the stylesheet, rough thumbnail sketches, and then look development. After the rough thumbnail sketch, I go into Procreate and quickly paint in some rough colors. After feedback and review with the client, I take the color sketch and create a higher fidelity

vector-based illustration. 

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