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Adverse Drug Events

This project was an educational healthcare animation for teaching pharmacists and patients on how the pharmaceutical alert system in British Columbia is being used to prevent adverse drug events in patients. As the primary animator, I developed the entire animation from pre-production to post-production. These responsibilities included a range of tasks involving creation of illustration style, storyboards, and final animation.  

This project was a joint collaboration between researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the College Pharmacists of British Columbia. 

Client / 

University of British Columbia

Role / 

Designer, 2D Animator


Agency / 

UBC Studios


Year / 


Animation ● Process

The pre-production process involves the development of the stylesheet, rough thumbnail sketches, and then look development. After the rough thumbnail sketch, I go into Procreate and quickly paint in some rough colors. After feedback and review with the client, I take the color sketch and create a higher fidelity

vector-based illustration. 

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