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Rethinking Nerve 


Peripheral nerve injury occurs in approximately 3% of trauma victims across North America. These injuries carry a large socioeconomic burden, and new nerve-repair strategies are needed to improve clinical outcomes.

We were approached by researchers at Dr. Chan's lab at the University of Alberta to create a 2D explainer animation to highlight a novel surgical technique on peripheral nerve regeneration.


This novel surgical technique, called Conditioning Electrical Stimulation, is a less invasive method that can stimulate nerve to grow 5 times faster than their usual rate, thereby improving clinical outcomes. This animation was produced in collaboration with my talented colleagues: Tracy Xiang, Felix Son, and Avesta Rastan.

Client / 

Dr. Ming Chan, Dr. Jenna-Lynn Senger, and Dr. Christine Webber 

Roles / 

Visual Development, Storyboarding, Asset Development, Animation


Agency / 

University of Alberta


Year / 


Animation ● Process

The production process involved the visual development of the stylesheet, storyboarding, asset development and then animation. My colleagues and I all contributed to every step of the process. My primary contributions involved the visual development of the stylesheet, storyboarding and asset creation. 

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